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Deepin 15.4 Linux Distro released with brand new design

Deepin 15.4 Linux Distro released with brand new design

Team Deepin has released latest version of Deepin OS called Deepin 15.4 . As per Deepin community “deepin is a Linux distribution devoted to providing beautiful, easy to use, safe and reliable system for global users “. Deepin has developed its own desktop environment called DDE or Deepin Desktop Environment which is based on the Qt 5 toolkit with in-house built application. It can be ideal distro for first time Linux user or for Window alternative.

Whats New in Deepin 15.4 :

Brand new design for Control Center and desktop. Adopted new blur and transparent style, new interactions for hot corner and window manager, along with selective wallpapers, full-screen installation interface, latest stable kernel version and original Deepin applications. The Control Center has brand-new design and interactions; the homepage shows quick-access icons for common settings to make the operation easier and faster. The newly designed installer has full-screen interface, fuzzy background, smart detection, friendly reminder and ‘scan QR code for feedback’.


  • Added function for switching 12hr/24hr time;
  • Optimized UI details for dock (added blur effects for both menus and tooltips background);
  • Optimized icon display to solve the blurred icon problem;
  • Fixed that sometimes icon can be missing;
  • Fixed that it can be crashed while adjusting the volume;

Control Center

  • New ground glass and list design;
  • Added weather forecast and notification center;
  • Added experimental Remote Screen Projection function;
  • Added quick access at homepage (sound, brightness, network, Bluetooth and projection, etc.);
  • Added switch for remembering the status of NumLock;
  • Added icon and cursor themes;
  • Fixed the issues that current window will lose focus when pressed Caps Lock key;
  • Optimized that the keyboard layout can be switched by shortcut keys;
  • Optimized loading speed and memory usage;
  • Optimized config options for multi-screens to solve the interaction logic for this situation;
  • Optimized timezone choosing logic to solve DST related problems;


  • Refactor the desktop to solve the logic problem for desktop operations;
  • Optimized interactions for desktop hot corners;
  • Fixed issues that the wallpaper thumbnails probably not match the actual set wallpaper;
  • Fixed that the desktop icons will be covered by dock at switching position in smart hide mode;
  • Fixed that the desktop folders and apps cannot be open with Enter key;


  • Optimized display effects of icons;
  • Optimized fonts to adjust automatically by system fonts;
  • Optimized UI and interaction;

Window Manager

  • Added showing different wallpapers for default work spaces;
  • Added guide for switching the work spaces to make it more convenient to switch work space;
  • Added ground glass effect support for window background;
  • Optimized UI details and make interactions smoothly;
  • Fixed bugs on switching work spaces;


  • Preinstalled Deepin Screen Recorder;
  • Preinstalled Deepin Voice Recorder;
  • Preinstalled Source Han Serif fonts;
  • Preinstalled Foxit Reader(for English environment);
  • Preinstalled new X Server and drivers;
  • Preinstalled QQ 8.9 on Cross Over 16;
  • Unified interface style for login screen, lock screen and system;
  • Fixed the issue that Steam cannot update;
  • Fixed the issue that net card like bcm4322 cannot work;

I am highly impressed with Deepin 15.4, I want to thanks developers who created such a beautiful Desktop Environment and recommended our users to try at least once.

See the release announcement for more information and screen shots.

Download Deepin (2,491MB).

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