Google Android O now the best mobile OS

Google Android O now the best mobile OS

Google has launched  second Android O developer preview during Google I/O event by Sunder Pichai. Google Android O has implemented several smart features that make Android O world’s best mobile OS.

Whats New in Google Android O :

  • Fluid Interface (now more responsive)
  • Background Apps control
  • Picture-in-picture or PiP
  • Notification Dots / channel
  • Smart Text Selection
  • Auto-Fill
  • Vitals
  • App Badge
  • New Wi-fi feature to communicate two devices without internet
  • Google play protect
  • Audio improvement

Fluid Interface :

Now devices running android o will be more fluid and responsive. Google upcoming android go(low end device) devices will use android O. A device with 1GB RAM will be sufficient to run android o.

Picture-in-picture or PiP :

With this feature when you are watching Video / YouTube Movies can directly reply to chat without pausing video.

Notification Dots / Channel :

Android O comes with new notification ui which looks stunning and also added feature to block notification from particular app easily .

Auto fill :

Now you don’t have to fill each time your name , address, android o latest feature auto fill will do for you.

Conclusion :

Android O comes with so many smart features and its light weight. Vital will now secure your android also increase your battery backup time , smart text selection , PIP, notification,  Google play protect … will enhance your OS experience. Right now Android O developer preview edition available to devices Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel और Pixel XL . If you have found any new feature please comment or share your experience.

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  • Suraj Padmasali says:

    The new features are amazing, Especially picture in picture mode gonna use this feature a lot, which needs me most.

  • Android O is the best operating system till now because it has really pretty good features in it and the review I read it was also good. I’m sure if there are some bugs in the previous OS then it would be removed.

  • Android O says:

    It is one the biggest success of the Google and It is my personal perception that it is the bone-shattering battle between iPhone & Android operating systems that is carry on from day one in the Mobile App industry. It is obvious that Android o is one the best operating system having numerous amazing peculiarities such that wireless audio sound, reliable Keyboard navigation etc . I love this OS very much.

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