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Google Android O now the best mobile OS

Google Android O now the best mobile OS

Google has launched  second Android O developer preview during Google I/O event by Sunder Pichai. Google Android O has implemented several smart features that make Android O world’s best mobile OS.

Whats New in Google Android O :

  • Fluid Interface (now more responsive)
  • Background Apps control
  • Picture-in-picture or PiP
  • Notification Dots / channel
  • Smart Text Selection
  • Auto-Fill
  • Vitals
  • App Badge
  • New Wi-fi feature to communicate two devices without internet
  • Google play protect
  • Audio improvement

Fluid Interface :

Now devices running android o will be more fluid and responsive. Google upcoming android go(low end device) devices will use android O. A device with 1GB RAM will be sufficient to run android o.

Picture-in-picture or PiP :

With this feature when you are watching Video / YouTube Movies can directly reply to chat without pausing video.

Notification Dots / Channel :

Android O comes with new notification ui which looks stunning and also added feature to block notification from particular app easily .

Auto fill :

Now you don’t have to fill each time your name , address, android o latest feature auto fill will do for you.

Conclusion :

Android O comes with so many smart features and its light weight. Vital will now secure your android also increase your battery backup time , smart text selection , PIP, notification,  Google play protect … will enhance your OS experience. Right now Android O developer preview edition available to devices Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel और Pixel XL . If you have found any new feature please comment or share your experience.

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Suraj Padmasali

The new features are amazing, Especially picture in picture mode gonna use this feature a lot, which needs me most.

Android O is the best operating system till now because it has really pretty good features in it and the review I read it was also good. I’m sure if there are some bugs in the previous OS then it would be removed.

Android O

It is one the biggest success of the Google and It is my personal perception that it is the bone-shattering battle between iPhone & Android operating systems that is carry on from day one in the Mobile App industry. It is obvious that Android o is one the best operating system having numerous amazing peculiarities such that wireless audio sound, reliable Keyboard navigation etc . I love this OS very much.

Nice post, yes its truth till now the android os is one of the best-operating systems in this world. it’s user-friendly every part of this.

Compare Broadband

Even though Android produces multiple features but still an iPhone lover wouldn’t be comfortable using Android. iPhone has some other kind of addiction which won’t their user revert to Android.

Technologies brought vital changes in our lives and in this era. We are living in this age where we have been surrounded by the blessing of science and modern technologies. As discussed above the android this is the modern shine of the technologies and ever 40 to 60 percent of the whole world use this technology.

E-Learning Metohds

Android O was a big improvement in the android franchise. APIs, UI, UX everything was huge and different. Android O made e-learning easy as well.

Evelyn Adams

The new features are cool! You can check and get new photos or pictures for your site


The Android platform has grown to become one of the most popular operating system alongside millions of new users each and every year. In spite of many studies, no one have presented a comprehensive classification of this particular operating system.