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Learn PHP Preg_match with working Example

Learn PHP Preg_match with working Example

preg_match is a wonder ful function of PHP( 4,5,6) to Perform a regular expression match. Its little bit difficult to learn but extremely useful when you properly understand it. Extensively use to extract string in SEO process, in validation of E-mail ID and so its impossible for me to describe its utilization in PHP Development.
Structure :
( string $pattern
, string $subject
[, array &$matches
[, int $flags = 0
[, int $offset = 0
]]] )
Simplified Version
preg_match(pattern, Subject ,array)
Pattern-  The pattern to search for, as a string.
Subject = Variable that contains that value
$sanjay=’[email protected]’;
Array-  to store extracted value.
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A Simple Example:
This example extract title from title tags, heavily used is SEO industry.
$sanjay='<title>Please share this page to twitter, Google Plus and Twitter</title>’;
echo $mt[‘1’];
Note : use / to start a pattern and /i to end. Use (.*) to find the desired value.
Above Code will give a out put
Please share this page to twitter, Google Plus and Twitter
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Great post indeed and thanks for all the information, it was very helpful i really like that you are providing information on PHP and MYSQL with basic JAVASCRIPT,being enrolled in i was looking for such information online to assist me on php and mysql and your information helped me a lot. Thanks.

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Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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