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Learn PHP Tutorial From Experts

Learn PHP Tutorial From Experts

Codentricks is a place for all those who want to learn PHP with easy to use tutorials. This website will help you become a pro from novice. The objective of the site is to teach you the basics of PHP. PHP is an extremely popular, Open Source Scripting Language, most commonly used on webservers to produce dynamic pages. The prerequisites for learning PHP are basics of HTML, CSS and some basic programming knowledge. Codentricks divided the PHP course into several sessions. All the sessions are with  example which will actually show you how to implement a particular logic. The distributions of the sessions are as follows


  • Basics of PHP
  • Variables and operators
  • Control structures
  • Arrays
  • Photo Gallery
  • Dynamic Pages
  • File handling
  • Uploading & Downloading
  • Functions and classes
  • Sessions and Cookies
  • Creating Login system / Backend
  • Responsive Web Design Using Bootstrap, Foundation

This example oriented tutorial is at your exposure at no cost. A team of experts is always there to help you, if incase you have any sort of queries. This online free PHP tutorial website has several other helpful resources which include.

  • Javascript, Jquery , Ajax
  • WordPress
  • Opencart
  • Luman for API
  • Laravel for Backend
  • AngularJS based Frontend and Backend
  • NodeJS

Codentricks not only teaches you the basics of the above mentioned, it will teach you to implement using PHP. Once you are done with all the sessions you will be able to create a dynamic website independently.

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