PHP Constant, Variable, Data Type Operator Tutorial with example

PHP Constant, Variable, Data Type Operator Tutorial with example

In this tutorial I am going to explain PHP Constant, Variable, Data Type Operator with simple examples.

Constant, Variable, Data Type Operator:

Constant: Constant refers to fixed value that does not change the value during the execution of program. Constant are defined using PHP’s define () function which accept two arguments. The $ prefixed is not required for constant.
Here is example of defining and using constant-
//define constant
//use constant
echo “Area of circle=”.$area;
Output: 78.5

Variable: Variable is a container that is use to store numeric and non numeric value for further use. Every variable name must prefix with dollar ($) symbol and must begin with a letter or underscore character. A variable name can be chosen by the programmer in the meaningful way like – $name, $student_address.
echo “Name=”.$name;

Data Type: For storing value in a variable it is not recommended to data type must be explicitly defined by programmer like other programming language as C,C++,Java.C# etc. during script variable change the value automatically which illustrate in following program. according to this nature php is called loosely type language.

echo “Value of num=”.$num;
echo “<br>”.”Data type of num=”.gettype($num).”<br>”;
echo”<br>”.”Now value of num=”.$num;
echo “<br>”.”Now data type of num=”.gettype($num);

Operator: An operator operates on variables and performs an action in a program. They usually form a part of the arithmetical or logical expression.
PHP operators can be classified into a number of categories . They are

  1. Arithmetical operator      :   +    ,  –  , *  , /   , %
  2. Relational operator          :   <  , <=  , > , >=  , =  =   ,= = =  , !=
  3. Logical operator                :   &&  (AND) ,  || (OR),   !  (NOT)
  4. Assignment operator       :  =
  5. Increment and Decrement operator: ++,  —
  6. Conditional operator        :  ? (ternary)
  7. Special operator                 :  -> ,  .(dot), $this ,   :: (scope resolution)

Now you will use each operator one by using example in next section.

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