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SMS GPS LOCATION is a very simple app, if you use this app properly then you can track your family member location using GPS even they don’t have Internet connectivity. Just install this on you app family member android phone and provide permission and set your mobile with on settings. Whenever you call him you will receive their location via SMS , SMS charges will depend on your carrier.
How this app can help you : suppose your daughter,son or parent is going somewhere and not picking your phone, in this case you get their location and help him in any difficulty.
Its also comes with live time tracking Widget.


App purpose is to help parent or family member to get location via SMS on when they call to their family member who installed this app and saved their number in app settings.

SMS Charges :

SMS charges depend on User Carrier.

USER Date Security :
SMS GPS Location save location data on your phone( Shared Preferences), and send location via SMS on contact no. you set in APP Settings, we only update your last location data in phone on every call, so your data is safe.

This app collects location data to send Location Co ordinates via SMS when receiving / dialing call from the contact number you set / save in settings activity, even when the app is closed or not in use. This data is also used to provide ads/support advertising/support ads.


  • Location : We need GPS coordinates like longitude, latitude with accuracy details, without this permission this app not going to work.
  • We need android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE , android.permission.READ_CONTACTS to pick contact no from Contact to send Location manually via SMS.
  • We need  also ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION, REQUEST_IGNORE_BATTERY_OPTIMIZATIONS to this app runs in background to share location anytime. without this permission this app not going to work.
  • To send Location on Miss, incoming or outgoing calls we need READ_CALL_LOG , PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS Permission.

Advertisement :

We are using safe banner ads by Google ad mobs .

How to Stop Location Sending :

Just remove mobile no from app settings and save.