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Web Developer extension and the choice of Best Web Browser

Web Developer extension and the choice of Best Web Browser

If you are a web developer then the question is quite common which is the best web browser for web development . In this tech arena every browser want to take the number one tag. In this blog I am going to share my favorite browser and why it became number one .
Mozilla Firefox is my favorite, I accept chrome has taken the market share for being light and fast, internet explorer 10 is also doing well but still I die for firefox. Right now I use Firefox 18 , in speed its par with chrome and IE 10 in some cases faster, but right now we use modern computer that has atleast 2GB of RAM and dual core CPU so you can’t see the speed difference only benchmarks can tell the difference. Firefox uses more memory around 400-700MB but its not a problem. Firefox offers net and clean interface, always welcome new technologies, devoted towards open source and also stable and secure. Its extension arena has everything you need and it makes you special , chrome also supports extension and has decent store where you can download and install extension with no restart feature but firefox interface is awesome as firefox is feature rich compared to chrome. IE is by greedy microsoft the company is not listening to its old customer as the support of IE10 is limited to Windows 8 still now does not supports multi platform so it was omitted from my list.

Firefox and the extension we die for :

If we are a web developer or SEO Expert then Firefox makes you job easy, I am going to share a partial list of my favorite extension.


Web Designer has to surf a lot to get new ideas or inspiration but the annoying ads and pop ups make the job hard, adblock plus not only block all these but gives you interface to control it.

2. Colorzilla

If you are a web designer or UI designer then you can’t stop yourselves playing with colors. This is not a color picker tool but has eyedropper and other cool option.

3. Firebug

HTML , HTML5 , CSS , javascript wonder which kind of scripting is using this firebug is the only solution, it give not only to view source of website but with advance option. This is Web Designer no. one app.

4. Webrankstat

This is a SEO tool provides alexa rank, google rank,page index,backlinks and other information while surfing.list is going to updated soon.

PHP Switch Statement Tutorial with Practical Example

PHP Switch Statement Tutorial with Practical Example

What is PHP Switch Statement?

According to The Switch Statement is similar to a series of IF statements on the same expression. In many occasions, you may want to compare the same variable (or expression) with many different values, and execute a different piece of code depending on which value it equals to. This is exactly what the  switch statement is for.

PHP Switch  Statement Syntex

switch (n)
case label1:
code to be executed if n=label1;
case label2:
code to be executed if n=label2;
code to be executed if n is different from both label1 and label2;


PHP Switch  Statement Practical Example

Objective : Creating a program to enter two number and select task from list then display the result.

case ‘add’:
case ‘sub’:
case ‘mul’:
case ‘div’:
<form action=”” method=”post”>
Enter First Number<input type=”text” name=”t1″><br>
Enter Second Number<input type=”text” name=”t2″><br>
Result<input type=”text” value=”<?php echo $res;?>”><br>
Select Task:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<input type=”radio” name=”choice” value=”add”>ADD
<input type=”radio” name=”choice” value=”sub”>SUB
<input type=”radio” name=”choice” value=”mul”>MUL
<input type=”radio” name=”choice” value=”div”>DIV<br>
<input type=”submit” name=”done” value=”DONE”>