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Web Developer extension and the choice of Best Web Browser

Web Developer extension and the choice of Best Web Browser

If you are a web developer then the question is quite common which is the best web browser for web development . In this tech arena every browser want to take the number one tag. In this blog I am going to share my favorite browser and why it became number one .
Mozilla Firefox is my favorite, I accept chrome has taken the market share for being light and fast, internet explorer 10 is also doing well but still I die for firefox. Right now I use Firefox 18 , in speed its par with chrome and IE 10 in some cases faster, but right now we use modern computer that has atleast 2GB of RAM and dual core CPU so you can’t see the speed difference only benchmarks can tell the difference. Firefox uses more memory around 400-700MB but its not a problem. Firefox offers net and clean interface, always welcome new technologies, devoted towards open source and also stable and secure. Its extension arena has everything you need and it makes you special , chrome also supports extension and has decent store where you can download and install extension with no restart feature but firefox interface is awesome as firefox is feature rich compared to chrome. IE is by greedy microsoft the company is not listening to its old customer as the support of IE10 is limited to Windows 8 still now does not supports multi platform so it was omitted from my list.

Firefox and the extension we die for :

If we are a web developer or SEO Expert then Firefox makes you job easy, I am going to share a partial list of my favorite extension.


Web Designer has to surf a lot to get new ideas or inspiration but the annoying ads and pop ups make the job hard, adblock plus not only block all these but gives you interface to control it.

2. Colorzilla

If you are a web designer or UI designer then you can’t stop yourselves playing with colors. This is not a color picker tool but has eyedropper and other cool option.

3. Firebug

HTML , HTML5 , CSS , javascript wonder which kind of scripting is using this firebug is the only solution, it give not only to view source of website but with advance option. This is Web Designer no. one app.

4. Webrankstat

This is a SEO tool provides alexa rank, google rank,page index,backlinks and other information while surfing.list is going to updated soon.

Working Tutorial – How to solve 301 redirect problem using .htaccess

Working Tutorial – How to solve 301 redirect problem using .htaccess

301 redirects are used to permanently move a site to a new location.
Search engines do not apply penalties to 301 redirects the way they
apply them to many other types of redirects.
Some times when you generate SEO reports you see 301 redirect problem. The most common one is you website is not redirecting to Redirecting requests from a non-preferred domain is important because search engines consider URLs with and without “www” as two different websites.Note: if you solve this problem then you will see 15% increase in search traffic

use Following Code in your .htaccess file
Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteEngine on
rewritecond %{http_host} ^ [nc]
rewriterule ^(.*)$$1 [r=301,nc]Replace with your domain name.

This tutorial is tested for domain , server used apache.

Generating free SEO Reports for Website

Generating free SEO Reports for Website

Free SEO Tools

If you are in dirty business SEO then you have to generate SEO Reports of website a lot and you always want to know which one is the best.  In this blog I am going share my favorite one.


Woo rank

url –
This  site has good reputation in SEO business , generate a user friendly SEO Report of Website. Almost everything you will find in their report but you will notice alaxa ranking , page indexed, backlinks is not up to date.
Limitation : You can only generate one SEO Report .
Trick : if your INTERNET connection uses dynamic IP log in and log out will solve this problem.



url –
WebRank is a free service for webmasters, SEO and internet surfers. This service offers single click access to all your web analytics as well as in-site analysis. We provide you live statistics like  Alexa, Compete & Quantcast Rank, Pages Indexed and Backlinks in Google, Bing & Alexa of any website.
Limitation – None.


Website Grader

url –
Excellent tool but responsive view for mobile website is not working correctly to date but its good for off page SEO , simple and clean interface make it easy to understand Result.

This blog is soon going to include some more free SEO Tool just wait and watch

Working tips and tricks to obtain free web traffic

Working tips and tricks to obtain free web traffic

Search engines are great source of web traffic but for this you should have top ranking unique quality content , if you have then forget Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But if you don’t have then you have to thing about the dirty word SEO. In this blog I am going to share some tips and tricks to get good amount of traffic and improve alexa ranking and overall SEO Score.
Free Web Traffic
1. Optimizing title:
First thing you have to do with your website title tag, use right keywords in title tag.
2. Meta tag :
Now meta tag somewhat ignored by search engines, but it have some importance so optimized it.
if you are new title and meta tag optimization then use this free tools
online , just search on google …
3.Use latest Technology:
 Dublin Core is a set of standard meta data elements used to describe the contents of a website. Now Search
engines (Google and Bing) pay little attention to this latest technology.
A Microformat is a technical semantic markup that can be used to better structure the data submitted to search engines.
Google ,Yahoo, Facebook… is working on this technology for better Search Result.
Search google for meta tag generator  and use it on your website. Right now each blogger template use microformat.
4. SEO Checklist :
This Tool give a you a check list to improve of Page rank, alexa ranking, backlinks, where to submit your website to get traffic.
5. Commenting :
If you addicted to this ugly habit of commenting then you will get free traffic. First find out focus of your website means it focus on mobile,books….. Using checklist Scan of your competitor find out back links and go there and start commenting. Always try to comment there where they offer do follow back links. I know its not easy but you have to take this Challenge.
6. Forum:
Join forums follow their guidelines and take participation on related topic and share a link, remember avoid spamming otherwise they will block your forum account.
7.Article Marketing
This is by far the best way to market a site absolutely for free. Write
as many unique articles as possible and submit to top article
directories. You must write all unique articles and not just copy from
other sites if you want better results. If you’re bad at writing
articles, outsource them to professional writers. Once you get a handful
of articles, submit it to the top article directories with link back to
your website in the resource box.
8. Be social :
Create face book page for your website , join twitter , Google plus, linkedn….share your content to this website using their sharing buttons.
9. Learn Way of content building :
Try to avoid w3c Errors means use simple text, use tag em to wrap important words or keywords, don’t copy paste or write for search engines, use unique content means write for yourself. Optimized your h1,h2,h3.. .
If you know something that can boost traffic following white hat seo , so please let me know using your comments.

How to Conduct an On-Page SEO Site Audit

How to Conduct an On-Page SEO Site Audit

The first thing an SEO should do when given a new project is to conduct an SEO site audit.A SEO site audit is a critical first step that SEOs must undertake to understand the state of SEO.There are two basic options:

  • A quick hit site audit where you go through the top level diagnosis with the site in a few hours.
  • An exhaustive site audit that can take days.
On-Page SEO

If you choose perform the exhaustive site audit, there are three critical areas to keep in mind. They are:

  1. On-page SEO audit
  2. Technical site audit
  3. Link audit

An on-page SEO audit will begin with obvious points, such as the
title and meta description tags. Depending on your website this can get a
pretty exhaustive document, so you’re better served by creating an
Excel sheet with your pages or site categories in rows and then each
element of on-page SEO as your header.
Let’s start by looking at few important elements of on-page SEO, why
they’re important, and tips on what you should look out for during your

Title Tags

The purpose of a title tag is to make each page unique in terms of
the page’s content
. Since each page on your site should be unique, you
need to have unique title tags for each page.
Title tags also carry huge weight in terms of………………