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Terms of Use

The Content contains two types of content First – text, image, audio, video or interactive form(Written by Codentricks) and the second one being user submitted comments. owns the copyright to the content generated in this website. All other product names, company names, marks, logos, and symbols are trademarks of their respective owners. All content in the website is provided for your personal, non-commercial consumption only and you are explicitly prohibited from storing, reproducing, publishing, creating derivative work or selling content published in this website without prior written consent from codentrikcs. Such requests may be sent to the Chief Editor – [email protected].


Codentricks is provided without warranty of any kind. All direct or indirect risk related to use of the site is borne entirely by the user. All code provided by Codentricks is provided as examples without warranties to performance, fitness,  and/or any other warranty . provided tutorials only for education purpose, codes are well tested but we born no warranty of any kind.

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