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Ubuntu 12.10 failed to impress people

Ubuntu 12.10 failed to impress people

I am a big fan of Ubuntu using since it launched 6.04 till ubuntu 12.10 64 bit. It always gave something interesting  and innovative. The biggest plus point of ubuntu is its stability and speed and Linux each and every distro secure. But the experience that I got from 12.10 is pathetic.System Tested
Acer Emachine
2.13 GHz Dual Core
OS – Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit

Booting from Live USB (763MB) was a awesome experience better than 12.04. Installation went smooth and took around 15 minutes to install. Desktop was responsive but not as 12.04.
Updated Software Sources , then install Gnome 3 Shell and after reboot I was back to my favourite Gnome default desktop it was responsive compare to unity desktop. By default you will find a power off option so shut down and restart become easy.

Ubuntu 12.10 and its Problems
Package Selection- distro comes in 763MB iso but didnot provide GIMP or Cheese.
Software Install issue – You will not able to run 32 bit application as Ubuntu 12.10 not ready to install Wine.
As it has some dependecy issues installing ia32-lib
sudo apt-get install ia32-lib
also fails gives output

Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

So you will not able to install Wine 1.5/1.4 , XAMPP (PHP MySQL Development).

Media Playback
After installing flash and necessary codecs everything runs smooth and experience was good.

Conclusion : Unity Desktop was not mature compare to Gnome 3 default desktop, user interface was average on unity, You will find not able to install some software  , I will recommend OpenSuse 12.2 Gnome , Linux Mint Mate ,stick back to ubuntu 12.04 or wait for ubuntu next release.

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Ubuntu 12.10 is ubuntu's worst product I have seen, but some of cloud implmentation is really awesome , I will rate this OS 3 out of 5.

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