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Itone eye drops 10ml Ayurvedic for Computer and Smartphone User

Itone eye drops 10ml Ayurvedic for Computer and Smartphone User

Itone  eye drops 10ml (Ayurvedic) are a sterile antiseptic solution and anti-allergy eye drop that relaxes and cools tired and dry eyes. Its ideal for every Computer and Smartphone user, made from 20 herbs namely Neem, Tulsi, Turmeric, Honey and many more extracts.

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itone eye drops are used for the following purposes:

  • To relieve dryness and irritation of the eyes
  • To reduce redness and inflammation of the eyes
  • To protect the eyes from dust, pollen, and other allergens
  • To improve vision
  • To promote clear vision
  • To relieve eye strain
  • To relax and cool tired eyes

itone eye drops ingredients

Nimba (Neem)562.50 mgAnti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal
Shobhanjana (Drumstick)562.50 mgImproves vision, good for eyes
Bringaraja (False daisy)562.50 mgUseful in headache
Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa)562.50 mgAnti-inflammatory
Nirgundi (Vitex negundo)562.50 mgPain relieving and anti-fungal
Satapatri (Rosa damascena)150 mgAnti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and blood tonic
Dhatriphala (Amla)46.25 mgGood for eyes, improves vision power
Haridra (Turmeric)92.50 mgAnti-inflammatory and wound healing
Madhu (Honey)92.50 mgGood for the eyes (vision)
Mukta (Pearl)0.93 mgImproves skin complexion, eye power, digestion power, and nourishment
Saindhava lavana (Rock salt)13.88 mgGood for eyes, helps to relieve infection

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