Creating Indian Currency Rupee or INR in Opencart

Creating Indian Currency Rupee or INR in Opencart

Creating or Adding Indian Currency in Opencart is really simple. Just follow the steps below it will hardly take 2-3 minutes.
For Adding Indian Currency INR (Rupee)

Creating Currency INR in Opencart

Go to
System > Localisation > currencies
Create new
Currency Title – Indian Rupee
Code – INR
Symbol Left – Rs.
Value as 1.00000000
Status – enabled

Remember if you to make INR Default currency then use value 1.00000000

Setting INR as Default Currency in Opencart

Now Set INR as default default currency … Go to
System > Settings > Local (Tab)
change Country, Region / State, Currency

I think its very simple, this was succesfully tested on Open Cart 2.X.,3.X, if you have any problem then let me know through comments, I will try solve you queries .

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