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Garuda Linux “Raptor” 230305

Garuda Linux “Raptor” 230305

Garuda Linux is a popular Linux distribution based on Arch Linux released it latest edition called “Raptor” (230305). It is known for its user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing design, as well as its focus on providing a complete out-of-the-box experience for its users. Garuda Linux includes a number of pre-installed applications, including multimedia codecs, gaming tools, and other useful software.

Whats new in Garuda Linux “Raptor” 230305 :

  • Improves interface for the setup assistant and replaces Latte-Dock with standard Plasma panels
  • KDE dr460nized edition’s desktop experience far more stable
  • Features a much improved garuda-update, Dracut as the initramfs tool of choice as well as a clean Qt interface for our setup assistant.
  • Garuda Update 4.0
  • Dracut for initramfs tool of choice
  • Separate Garuda repository
  • UI and UX enhancements
  • Plasma 5.27.2
  • GNOME 43.0
  • Linux 6.2.2

Read Release Announcement at Garuda Forum

Download Garuda Linux “Raptor” 230305

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