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JavaScript Operators Tutorial with Working Example

JavaScript Operators Tutorial with Working Example

JavaScript operators are used to assign values, compare values, perform arithmetic operations like addition,
multiplication,division, substractions and many more.

In this tutorial we are going learn JavaScript Operators and how to use them in programme.

JavaScript Arithmetic Operators

Arithmetic operators are used to perform arithmetic operation.

Addition+x=4+2+2; Result x=8
Subtractionx=4-2-2; Result x=0
Multiplication*x=4*2*2; Result x=16
Division/x=4/2; Result x=2
Modulus or
Division Remainder
%x=15%2; Result x=1
Increment++x=5;x=x++; Result x=6
Decrementx=5;x=x–; Result x=4

JavaScript Assignment Operators

Assignment operators assign values to JavaScript variables and constant.

=x = yx = y
+=x += yx = x + y
-=x -= yx = x – y
*=x *= yx = x * y
/=x /= yx = x / y
%=x %= yx = x % y

The addition assignment operator += adds a value to a variable justĀ  like .= in PHP

JavaScript Logical Operators

Logical Operators adds logic in aProgram.

&&Logical and
!Logical not
||Logical or

JavaScript Comparison Operators

Comparison Operators used for comparing data or values.

==equal to
===equal value and equal type (rarely used)
!=not equal
!==not equal value or not equal type (rarely used)
>greater than
>=greater than or equal to
<less than
<=less than or equal to
?ternary operator
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