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Linux Directory Structure Tutorial

Linux Directory Structure Tutorial

In this tutorial we are going to explore Linux Root (/) directory structure , everything on your Linux system is located under the / directory, known as the root directory just like Windows’ C:\ directory. I am using “Kubuntu 20.04” root directory structure as reference.

 /bin Essential command binaries
 /boot Static files of the boot loader
 /dev Device File
 /etc Host-specific system configuration
 /home User home directories
 /lib Essential shared libraries and kernel modules
 /media Contains mount points for replaceable media
 /mnt Mount point for mounting a file system temporarily
 /proc Virtual directory for system information
 /root Home directory for the root user
 /run Run-time variable data
 /sbin Essential system binaries
 /sys Virtual directory for system information
 /tmp Temporary files
 /usr Secondary hierarchy
 /var Variable Data
 /srv Data for services provided by the system
 /opt Add-on application software packages
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Thanks for sharing such content and supporting opensource