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ROSA DESKTOP FRESH R9 2016.1 KDE 5.9 Review

ROSA DESKTOP FRESH R9 2016.1 KDE 5.9 Review

ROSA DESKTOP FRESH R9 2016.1(KDE 5.9 base) is a modern Linux operating system made in Russia. ROSA Desktop Fresh is developed by community and available for free for everyone. Rosa specially KDE Version impressed over Netrunner and Kubuntu as all are tested on same hardware, kubuntu have some graphic problem and weak wi-fi.

Test Machine

Acer eMachine 732Z
Hard Disk – 320GB
CPU – Pentium Dual core check details in Video Review.

Boot Time :

Kubuntu 17.03 : 50sec.
Rosa R9 : 1min. 5sec.
Netrunner 17.03 : 1min. 30sec.

Shut Down Time :

Netrunner 17.03 : 4sec.
Rosa R9 : 5sec.
Kubuntu 17.03 : 6sec.

Memory Consumption :

Average for all distro : 350 to 400MB (when Idle). Means KDE Plasma 5 is now light weight event XFCE based distro uses around 300-350MB RAM.

ROSA DESKTOP FRESH R9 2016.1 Video Review


Rosa over 3 days of uses seems to me stable, responsive and fluid interface. KDE Connect not installed by default and installing Kate have some dependency problem otherwise it looks Solid.

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