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Fedora 27 released with Gnome 3.26

Fedora 27 released with Gnome 3.26

Fedora community released latest version of fedora , Fedora 27. As per Fedora “The Fedora Project proudly announces the release and general availability of the Fedora 27 Workstation and Fedora 27 Atomic editions. Fedora 27 incorporates thousands of improvements from both the Fedora Community and various upstream software projects”.

Whats New in Fedora 27  Workstation :

The Workstation edition of Fedora 27 features Linux Karnel 4.15.0, GNOME 3.26, Libre office 5.4, Firefox 57 Quantum, GCC 7.2.1,Vim 8.0, Systemed 235 and so on ..
In the new release, both the Display and Network configuration panels have been updated, along with the overall Settings panel appearance improvement. The system search now shows more results at once, including the system actions.

Read fedora’s Release Announcement , Release Notes .

Download Fedora 27

Default Gnome Edition 64bit

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